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A good Lexington area hood cleaning service does more than just drop by, pressure washes your equipment, and rush back out. At Lexington Hood Cleaning, you’ll get a thorough, professional cleaning that will not only look great but will help your customers by keeping your kitchen safe and sanitary.

Lexington Hood Cleaning goes far beyond the basics of kitchen hood care. Here are a few other things we do for you:

  • Remove grease and oils from cooking equipment, which over time can cause corrosion and carbon buildup. This service also extends to rooftop grease control, which helps reduce fire hazards.
  • Correct any exhaust problems by installing new hood systems, fans, or filters that fit your needs exactly. We work with all major brands and can find the right equipment for you at a great price.
  • Eliminate cooking odors from the equipment, your building, and staff by using a specially formulated detergent that destroys grease-based gasses.
  • Catch small spills on the floor before they turn into larger ones with our high-tech vacuum system. We clean up grease spills to 100% satisfaction.
  • Organize the area you work in, making it safer for everyone. Our team of professionals is trained in OSHA safety regulations.

We also conduct thorough PTAC cleaning. We provide a cleaning service to help you avoid problems with your PTACs by removing mold, germs, and pollutants that might accumulate around the condenser coil. By maintaining cleanings regularly, you can prevent problems resulting from mold or bacteria.

Spend less time cleaning your kitchen and more time running it! Lexington Hood Cleaning Service will get your equipment professionally cleaned while you’re open for business. We can even schedule our service during slow times to reduce any unnecessary downtime of your staff. Our fleet of trucks can clean even the largest restaurant kitchens at a fraction of the cost. Call us today at (859) 493-8778.

Timely Kitchen Hood Cleaning In Lexington

The basic rule of thumb for how often a commercial kitchen hood should be cleaned is every three months. With this in mind, the best time to schedule your next service is NOW! We can help you with all your equipment needs so contact us today.

How often your kitchen needs hood cleaning depends on the type of cooking that is done and the volume. Deep fry equipment and heavy charbroiling will require more attention than a grill top. Lexington Hood Cleaning has specialized in restaurant hood cleaning since we opened here in Lexington a long, long time ago.

We provide a comprehensive selection of kitchen hood cleaning services in Lexington to fit the demands of every commercial kitchen. With our low prices and expert experts, we can guarantee that your kitchen is clean and ready for service. We take pleasure in being thorough, so you may rest confident that it will be spotless when we leave your workplace and prepared for more.

We provide professional cleaning services that will keep your equipment in top-notch shape, so you can concentrate on what’s crucial: serving great food to your customers.

When it comes time to have your commercial kitchen hood cleaned, call Lexington Hood Cleaning at (859) 493-8778.

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