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Your Lexington restaurant vent hood should be professionally cleaned between once a month and once per year, depending on the amount of business your establishment brings in. At Lexington Hood Cleaning, our professional staff can handle this job for you. Contact us at (859) 493-8778.

Our staff is certified for the professional cleaning of restaurant vent hoods. Fire codes and insurance companies require that these vent hoods be kept clean and safe. That is just one reason for choosing to work with us.

It’s only natural to keep things organized in the kitchen. You should make sure that your fire suppression system is clean and working all of the time properly, for example. When it comes to oil splatters, you want to ensure that your workers follow the necessary safeguards since this can result in severe burn injuries or worse. It’s also critical that you clean up any grease that spills onto the floor.

Our team is well-trained in cleaning your commercial kitchen’s ventilation system, but here are a few other benefits to keep in mind: 

Time Savings – Lexington Hood Cleaning will save you time since we’re available every day of the week and can clean things up for you immediately rather than wait for later.

Professional – Our staff is highly skilled and certified to maintain your vent hoods, including the ones from Henny Penny, Cherokee Manufacturing, Tepro Inc., Globe Range Co., Nemco Equipment Company, Star Max/Ultra-Matic, Paragon Equipart, and Turbo Air. We’re trained to clean a variety of models and types.

Convenience – Let us take care of your vents at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll come when it’s most appropriate to your business, whether this is during the day or overnight. Call today for more information and to discuss scheduling an appointment.

A clogged restaurant ventilation hood may lead to risks such as grease, dust, and debris accumulation. This might result in a variety of business accidents, including fire dangers (approximately 5,000 kitchen fires occur each year in the United States alone) as well as oil splatter incidents that can result in serious injuries. At Lexington Hood Cleaning, we understand that this is a necessary job that many restaurant owners overlook since it is an extra cost of operating a business. We also realize that not cleaning your restaurant’s hoods appropriately might be dangerous. Therefore, we provide various solutions to assist you in maintaining a clean, safe environment for your customers and employees.

Keeping up with how often you should clean your hoods is tough since it isn’t a task that most people take seriously unless they are educated about the hazards that result from not doing so. When you identify an issue, it’s critical to address it as soon as possible. If grease and other debris accumulate over time because you fail to detect the issue, this could significantly harm your business. It’s also important to make sure that you clean up any oil which spills onto the floor because it could lead to a slip and fall accident if left unattended for too long.

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