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A commercial kitchen exhaust hood can become blocked with grease and grime in an almost frightful way. At Lexington Hood Cleaning, we are dedicated to offering the best kitchen hood cleaning service in Lexington.  Reach us at (859) 493-8778 to get started.

A kitchen is a place that can become quite dirty and greasy quickly if it is not properly maintained. Cooking for a crowd will create plenty of residue from frying oil and food being burned onto the stovetop, but even a home kitchen without a large volume of cooking going on can start to look grimy after a short time. An unclean kitchen hood can lead to some very serious health concerns down the road, including but not limited to an increased chance of contracting salmonella or e-coli upon ingestion of food (due to the build-up on already dirty dishes), which is why restaurants and other food-serving businesses need to ensure that their kitchen exhaust hoods are cleaned regularly.

Every kitchen has an exhaust system in place, whether the business owners know it or not – this is because of the fire code requiring it so that there is no risk of a grease fire starting while dishes are being cooked. The smoke produced from cooking needs to have somewhere to go so that the air in the kitchen remains clean and smoke-free.

The problem is, an unclean exhaust system can cause the opposite effect – the build-up of grease, oil, and grime can smother flame or sparks that could otherwise lead to a fire. Having dirty hoods increases the risk of fires breaking out, which is why Lexington Hood Cleaning places such a high level of importance on providing thorough kitchen hood cleaning as part of our services.

Grease and grime from cooking can also affect the air quality in the kitchen, which will affect those working there if it gets too bad. If employees are repeatedly breathing in smoke and grease-filled air day in and day out, they can end up with respiratory problems like pneumonia or worse – a poor air quality level in the kitchen can also affect customers if there is excessive smoke being produced while cooking that spills into the dining area.

Grease build-up on a kitchen exhaust hood blocks the airflow, which reduces proper ventilation in a commercial kitchen. This can lead to some other problems, such as poor air quality and overheated cooking appliances.

Having the exhaust hoods in your kitchen cleaned by Lexington Hood Cleaning will not only improve the appearance of your kitchen but could also save you money on energy costs by preventing overheating problems. Ensure that your commercial kitchen is operating at full capacity by getting your kitchen exhaust hoods cleaned today.

A kitchen hood should be cleaned about every three months. Barring that, some signs that a cleaning is due to include:

  • The kitchen is hot.
  • There is a smell of cooking oil in the air.
  • Cooking appliances are working harder and hotter than usual.
  • A lot of greases have been spilled around a particular range or cooktop.

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Hood cleaning requires special equipment that professionals have access to – this equipment isn’t available to the average person. Only Lexington Hood Cleaning is equipped to clean commercial kitchen exhaust hoods, and we use environmentally friendly products that aren’t harmful to customers or employees.

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